Solar image, 15.mai 2016

Sun 15 May 2016
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I am always impressed to see what a 120 millimetre apochromat can manage, even when its aperture is reduced to 90 millimetres.


A sunspot group that resembled a flattened smiley face was located in the southern hemisphere one week ago, during the Mercury transit. Amazingly, a new group in the northern hemisphere looks similar, at least superficially, with pattern recognition in high gear :-)


left: 9 May 2016

right:  15 May 2016

The sun

Date: 15 May 2016, 14:30 (12:30 GMT)

Telescope: Skywatcher Esprit ED 120

Mount: Astrosysteme Austria ASA DDM160

Solar filter: Thousand Oaks Type 2+, 90 mm diameter

Camera: Lumenera SKYnyx2-2M


Seeing: moderate

Exposure: 11 ms

Number of images in stack = 20 x 3 (three image mosaic)

Photo stacking: AviStack2