Gallery · 09. September 2018
Photographed only 21 degrees above the southern horizon in Namibia, this is a 2.5 x 2.5 degree area of the sky surrounding the Tarantula Nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud

IC 2944
Gallery · 21. April 2018
Locality: Tivoli Astro-farm, Khomas, Namibia, latitude: -23,5 S

Gallery · 20. April 2018
A mosaic of two images that are each composed of sixteen exposures through reg, green, blue and luminance filters.

Eta Carinae
Gallery · 18. April 2018
The rainy season has finally ended here in Khomas, Namibia. This provided an opportunity to complete the RGB sub-exposures of the Eta Carinae Nebula.

Gallery · 07. February 2018
The width of the Heart Nebula is about 200 light years. That corresponds to 3000 pixels in this image. One light year is then fifteen pixels. Our solar system, out to Neptunes orbit, would make up only 0,014 pixel in this image.

Melotte 15
Gallery · 09. January 2018
The Heart Nebula, like most emission nebulas, is inflated like a bubble by newborn stars in its interior.

Gallery · 16. December 2017
Narrow-band image of the Heart Nebula, IC 1805. Only 110 minutes exposure through Ha, OIII, and SII Chroma filters.

Gallery · 13. November 2017
This image consists of only two hours of integration time, including twenty minutes of luminosity. These are far too short integration times for narrow-band sub-exposures. That is why this image is very noisy, - with distinct graininess at full resolution.

Gallery · 03. September 2017
During the acquisition of this image, sunspot AR2673 (below and to right of centre) was growing to more than ten times its original size during the course of only 24 hours.

Gallery · 02. September 2017
Producing quality optics is a labour-intensive process. After coarse and fine grinding to the target focal length, the work consists of polishing and testing, polishing and testing and still more polishing and testing.

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