IC 1805 Heart Nebula

Narrow-band image of IC 1805. North is down. 

Interference from clouds reduced the number of sub-exposures for ionized sulphur (SII) and oxygen (OIII)


Date: 16 December 2017 

Location: Rennesøy, SW Norway

Telescope: Skywatcher Esprit ED 120 mm f/7 apochromat

Mount: ASA DDM160

Camera: Apogee U16M, CCD temperature -30 C

Exposure time: Ha, OIII, SII 50/40/20 min

IC1805 position
The Heart Nebula's (IC1805) location in the Perseus Arm, which is one of two large spiral arms of the Milky Way. The distance from the sun to IC1805 is around 7500 light years. Illustration: SkySafari 6