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Gallery · 03. September 2017
During the acquisition of this image, sunspot AR2673 (below and to right of centre) was growing to more than ten times its original size during the course of only 24 hours.

Gallery · 02. September 2017
Producing quality optics is a labour-intensive process. After coarse and fine grinding to the target focal length, the work consists of polishing and testing, polishing and testing and still more polishing and testing.

Gallery · 18. February 2017
The ASA DDM 160 mount, controlled by Autoslew, was tracking on the comet for ten minutes. The monochrome Apogee U16M camera made two minute exposures five times consecutively through red, green, blue and luminance filters.

Gallery · 14. February 2017
Twenty-five thousand light-years distant and 150 light-years in diameter, Messier 13 is one of the brightest globular star clusters in the northern sky.