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Gallery · 25. December 2014
To minimize drafts and humidity when the dome is closed, the ScopeDome manual recommends capping the top of the crown with a ring of sheet metal that extends horizontally to the lower dome casing.

Gallery · 23. September 2014
Two photos taken with a GoPro mounted on the edge of the open dome slit.

Gallery · 10. September 2014
As is the norm in observatory building, there are commissioning delays: mainly malfunctions in the electrics because of water leakage.

Gallery · 01. July 2014
The floorboards are lain in a pattern of eight fields oriented to cardinal points. The floor area is only seven square meters (75 square feet).

Gallery · 26. June 2014
The photo below shows the optical tube assembly (OTA) configured for prime focus flat-field photograhy. The secondary mirror is removed so that the light path passes through the flat field corrector and filter wheel.

Gallery · 24. June 2014
Shown here is the primary baffle and intergrated focuser.

Gallery · 23. June 2014
Ceiling Cat suddenly materialized. There is a gap in our knowledge as to why this being is attracted to large telescopes.

Gallery · 18. May 2014
Neither the joists nor the floor planking is in contact with the concrete pier footing.

Gallery · 11. May 2014
Vibrations from the floor must not propagate to the telescope. Therefore, the concrete footing does not touch the floor, joists or battens. The pyramid-shaped footing is in contact only with the bedrock and the compacted gravel layer over the bedrock.

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