Hmm... bent during shipment?

This is the ring segment that has delayed the dome assembly. It is bent 55 mm out of plane, which corresponds to over five degrees at both ends. As the dome was test-assembled in the factory, this 10 mm steel plate must have been bent during shipment to Norway, probably during on or off-loading.


Securely bolted

This segment was bolted securely to the floor of a four-meter long pallet which also contained half of the fiberglass dome components. The three remaining segments were strapped to this floor-bolted segment. Perhaps strain on the pallet during lifting before or after transport bent the ring without bending the other steel segments strapped on top of it.


On a flat surface, this steel plate (which forms a quarter circle) assumes the shape of a cone. That is why the segment was warped in a conic form after mounting on the lower rotation ring.


A large machining firm will attempt to flatten the segment this week.

Warped ring segment, 10 mm steel
Standing vertically on 120 mm deck planks and photographed from above, the warping of the 10 mm steel ring appears to be approximately 55 mm. The length of the segment is 2430 mm. Click to enlarge.