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Gallery · 28. December 2013
Much flatter than before.

Gallery · 26. December 2013
Even after the machine shop flattened the most strongly warped segment, the rotation ring is still not flat. The ring continues to deform to a conical surface, though not as severely as before.

Gallery · 24. November 2013
The machinist flattened the 10 mm thick sheet metal by applying six thousand kilograms of pressure across rollers 15 cm apart. Several passes and a lot of eyeballing made the quarter segment of the rotation ring flat.

Gallery · 17. November 2013
This is the ring segment that has delayed the dome assembly. It is bent 55 mm out of plane, which corresponds to over five degrees at both ends.

Gallery · 31. October 2013
The segment containing the home sensor is strongly warped, making it conical. This causes the segments on either side to warp also.

Gallery · 27. October 2013
Before bolting, the diameter of the ring was adjusted to 350 cm, with a margin of error of only one millimeter in all directions. This ensures that the upper ring will rotate freely, without being squeezed by the horizontal side rollers.

Gallery · 12. September 2013
The fine adjustments of the observatory crown are finally complete. The surface is very level with very few irregularities. Two hundred point measurements with a laser indicate a surface accuracy of 0.5 mm.

Gallery · 04. September 2013
The laser shows a level surface on the crown. Some small adjustments with a diamond wheel and angle grinder were needed to remove some slight banking in a few places.

Gallery · 18. August 2013
To partially conceal the observatory, and also to prevent the occasional escape of cows and sheep, I am building a wooden fence along the border to the pasture.

Gallery · 28. July 2013
I have always wanted to build something in masonry. Plastering the walls is very rewarding work.

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